Dr. Angelo Sambunaris, founder and medical director of the Institute of Advanced Medical Research, recently came to town and spoke about the latest developments in Alzheimer’s disease research. Representatives from Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta attended the presentation to learn more about the disease and how we can better serve our residents who have it.

As you may know, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death, and the only cause in the top 10 that does not have a cure.  While some people may be more susceptible to the disease due to family history, others can make simple lifestyle changes to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. Incorporating exercise, a healthy diet, quality sleep, stress management and an active social life into daily routines can help prevent development.

During the presentation, Dr. Sambunaris discussed the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s, susceptibility to the disease, and what is happening in current research.  For example, simple forgetfulness such as not remembering where we put our keys or what we went into the kitchen for is not an indication of dementia. An indication would be when memory loss disrupts your daily life, such as having difficulty completing familiar tasks or confusion with time or place.

We also learned there are currently only four medications used to treat Alzheimer’s.  While there are about 75 treatments in trials, there is no proof they will work correctly. Dr. Sambunaris ensured the crowd that extensive research will continue to be done in order to help find a cure.

As a long-term care pharmacy provider, Guardian Atlanta has a team of expert pharmacists who specialize in the medications used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.  If you have any questions regarding current treatments, please contact Lori Newcomb, consultant pharmacist, at 404-309-4958.