Sometimes, you have to take a break from work and have a little fun.  That is exactly what Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta did on October 31st!

This is just some of the costumes we had for Halloween.

The last several months have been very busy for Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta.  The pharmacy purchased Collier’s Pharmacy and absorbed their communities and customers in a very short time frame.  This made for our largest growth year ever.

The pharmacy added new staff as well.  Everyone is learning from each other, learning new systems, and the most efficient way to serve our customers.  With all the training, focus, and hard work each day, staff was in need of some fun.

Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta loves Halloween! From our president, who is usually the first to show up in costume, to the pharmacists and staff, we enjoy our day to dress up and play a little.  This Halloween was no exception.  We had lots of costumes, Halloween fun, and the pharmacy bought everyone lunch.   All staff received a trick or treat bag of candy, staff members made cookies to share, and even though the work continued, we got to socialize and relax for a few minutes, laugh and celebrate a fun day.

Guardian Pharmacists have some fun! Paige Miller, Justin Easton, Marie Tate, and Kate Snead

The lesson in this mini celebration is that the pharmacy realizes that when you are doing such important work each day that takes a tremendous amount of focus and dedication, it is just as important to take a minute and breathe, enjoy your coworkers, and have some fun!  Our customers will benefit from employees that really like their work environment.

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