With the change of the year comes changes in health insurance plans for most people.  If you changed Medicare Part D plans, or chose a different major medical insurance, there are some important points for you to know.

Most health insurance, including Medicare A, B and D pays for all or a percentage of covered expenses after you meet certain deductibles, copays or out-of-pocket costs.  And often, the payments the insurance company makes for you are made directly to health care providers. You see them later on in an explanation of benefits form.

The deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket costs are what changes each year, and at the beginning of the plan year, start over.  That way, when you see in your explanation of benefits that you owe more than you think you should, remember that you are in the New Year and are paying your deductible.

Other changes could be covered services, medications and participating physicians; always check before having a procedure, or getting a new prescription to make sure it is covered.  Calling your insurance company can save you a lot of time and frustration in the first few months of the plan year.

Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta knows that these changes happen, and our billing department is ready to help answer as many questions as we can.  Remember, however, that we do not know what is covered under your plan; you will need to call your insurance provider to answer those questions.  We do have a professional billing staff that will give personal service each time you call and will explain pharmacy billing procedures to you.

One more change for this New Year is that we are introducing our new Online Bill Pay.  This is another option that you have that is safe, secure and quick.  Please visit payatlanta.guardianpharmacy.net to get started.

New Year’s bring new insurance.  Please be confident that Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta will be here to help guide you through your pharmacy medication costs.  Our professional billing staff are second to none for excellent customer service. Please call our billing department at 770-635-3301 ext. 2 for questions.  And have a very Happy New Year!