Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta sponsored a luncheon for the Georgia Senior Living Association (GSLA) Meeting held in February at Maggiano’s in Buckhead.  Representatives from the Department of Community Health were the featured presenters, and a Regulatory update was the much anticipated topic.

In light of the recent hurricanes that caused our GA coast to be evacuated, the Department of Community Health and the Department of Public Health are working together to ensure all assisted living and personal care homes are prepared and taken care of in case of a disaster.  Although not in effect yet, AL and PCH communities will be registering with the state so that Georgia Emergency Management Association (GEMA) can help track and manage them in case of an emergency.  The communities will identify an emergency coordinator and will participate in communication drills and healthcare coalition meetings and drills.  Each county in Georgia has an Emergency Management Coordinator who is part of the Healthcare Coalition that will be the main contact for the community.  The state plans to provide training sessions and more information prior to effective date.

Effective now, there is a 30 day written notice that must be given to residents and/or responsible party for a change in level of care.  This was previously a 60 day written notice.  This is a good change for AL and PCH communities.  The 60 day written notice for increase in rent, etc. is still in effect.

The definition of Proxy Caregiver is going to change to include the PCH community, and can be listed on the Informed consent.  There will still need to be a list of current proxy caregivers on the Informed consent.  The other forms are going to be simplified, and there will be a medication curriculum available for use for all PCH communities that utilize proxy caregivers.  These changes will be available in March.

Finally, as our state is focused on care of the elderly, SB406 is up for debate and voting in the Georgia Senate, and it will require background checks for all staff involved with care for the elderly.  Let your senators know your thoughts on this very important piece of legislation.

With the constantly changing healthcare environment, it is great to be assured that there are organizations that help keep us informed of all the regulatory changes.  If you want a pharmacy provider that partners with GSLA, has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable pharmacists, can provide you with outstanding pharmaceutical care and help with regulatory compliance, give Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta a call at 770-635-3301.