A long-term care pharmacy is like a large machine. There are many moving pieces and each one has significant importance. At our pharmacy, each staff member plays an important role ensuring that residents in each community we serve receive the right medications. While that is happening inside the pharmacy, there is a group at Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta that works to help connect the community to the pharmacy.

Our local consulting team consists of two pharmacists, two nurses and a pharmacy technician with more than 100 years of pharmacy and nursing experience combined. This group spends most of their time visiting our partner communities. The pharmacists review the medications of each assisted living resident, foster interactions and appropriate therapy, and help client communities maintain compliance.  In addition to reviewing drug storage and medication documentation, the nurse consultants also help client communities stay in compliance. Our pharmacy technician, who has certified medication aide experience, performs physical inspections for the pharmacists, checks cycle medication and handles onboarding new communities’ cycle medications.

The consulting team is vital in long-term care pharmacy because they form a critical connection between the pharmacy and community operations, providing tremendous support to both groups. They ensure that all is running smoothly and are on the frontline to detect errors. If you would like more information about what Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta can do for your community, please call 770-635-3301 for more information.

From Left to Right: Judy Hyde, RN; Lisa McKenzie, RN; Lori Newcomb, RPh, BCGP; Adriana Hasselbring, Pharm. D.
Not pictured: Gerry Stokes, Pharm. Tech