Keeping your unlicensed staff up to date on training and skills can be very difficult. There are many similarities between the proxy caregiver for medications (proxy) and the certified medication aide (CMA). Utilizing a few simple tools will help you stay in complete compliance when it comes to the requirements for your unlicensed staff.

The first tool to consider is a checklist of all necessary paperwork and forms. This is simple to create and will help with managing all of the requirements for your community. Next, utilize a tracking form that contains certification numbers, testing dates and expiration dates from each proxy or CMA. Don’t forget to check it regularly. Another recommendation is to put all of this information and paperwork into a file, or notebook, and make sure several key staff have access to it. That way, if someone is out or no longer works at the community, the paperwork stays with the community. There should always be a designated person who can ensure everyone is up to date. However, if several key staff members understand the process, even better. Finally, we recommend utilizing your licensed healthcare professional, registered nurse or pharmacist to help review and audit your records for compliance. They can also help train your key staff members on the correct processes for your community.

Trying to remember all the rules and keep up with unlicensed staff requirements can be a daunting task.  However, there are several simple tools that can help you maintain complete compliance. At Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta, we have an entire consulting account management team that can help you with any of these tasks. That is why using a long-term care pharmacy dedicated to you and your residents makes the best sense for everyone involved.  If you would like to learn more about our services for assisted living, personal care homes, behavioral health facilities, adult day and/or skilled nursing facilities, please contact Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta at (770) 635-3301.