We are eight weeks into quarantine, lockdown and shelter in place. Experts are telling us that this is the new normal; the virus will be back this winter and business will never return to business as usual. We do not know when this pandemic will end. We do not know when it will be safe to work, visit and play. How do we manage when we are receiving a constant barrage of information that is negative?

Olivia Howard and Lori Shiffman chose to focus on the positive. They are two of our consultants who specialize in account management. Prior to COVID-19, they spent their days visiting our long-term care communities, auditing for compliance, and ensuring that everyone had the tools and resources they needed to be successful. Suddenly, there were “NO VISITORS ALLOWED” signs everywhere. People wearing masks and gloves receive deliveries at the door. Long-term care communities and their residents closed their doors to the outside world in order to protect everyone from this new invisible enemy.

Olivia and Lori got to work immediately. They met and created a meticulous schedule to ensure every community serviced by Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta was contacted, checked on and was safe. They sent hand-written notes, made phone calls, penned emails and distributed small gifts of candy and pens to the staff. When Lori got a call that some of our communities needed masks, she contacted ladies in her neighborhood that made masks and donated them to our long-term care communities for staff and residents. Olivia and Lori packed bags and prescription vials with candy and a joke to provide some cheer in this very critical time. These ladies are continuing to invent new ways to provide support to the communities and residents that we serve until communities can open their doors to visitors once again. We are so proud of Olivia and Lori and are honored to have them as part of our team.

If you need a long-term care pharmacy that is focused on what you need today and every day, please contact Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta at 770-635-3301 and let us tell you about the services we offer.

Samples of Olivia and Lori’s community support: