Scenario: A senior care pharmacist meets with Mrs. H, and carefully reviews her medications. Mrs. H complains that she has been feeling lethargic, had a new onset of stomach pain and feels poorly in general. The senior care pharmacist tells Mrs. H that her digoxin dose for her CHF is higher than the normal dose for people her age, and asks how long Mrs. H has been taking Alendronate. Finally, the pharmacist looks at the multiple over-the-counter medications that Mrs. H takes daily, though she hasn’t disclosed this information to her doctor.

The above scenario demonstrates some of what a senior care pharmacist does. What is a senior care pharmacist?

From the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists’ (ASCP) Website:

A senior care pharmacist is a pharmacist who provides expert advice on the use of medications to individuals and older adults, wherever they live. They are committed to providing person-centered care, taking into account the complex interrelationships between disease states, nutrition, medications, and other variables. They are essential clinicians on the health care team, and influential decision-makers in all aspects of medication therapy.  

Senior Care Pharmacists, also called Consultant Pharmacists, counsel patients, provide information and recommendations to prescribers and caregivers, review patients’ medication regimens, present in-service educational programs, and oversee medication distribution services. While a senior care pharmacist may provide this type of clinical expertise to any age group, senior care pharmacists focus on the special pharmacotherapeutic challenges of the senior citizen.

Many senior care pharmacists are board certified in geriatric pharmacy, which requires many hours of rigorous education, training and testing to maintain. These pharmacists specialize in treating people over the age of 55.

If you see a senior care pharmacist, or know one, please take a moment to wish them a happy Senior Care Pharmacist Week and thank them for taking care of our seniors.

All the pharmacists at Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta are senior care pharmacists, as they specialize in the care of older adults living in assisted living, personal care homes, mental health communities, skilled nursing communities and community living arrangements. There are two consultant pharmacists Lori Newcomb and Adriana Hasselbring, who are both Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists. They both have dedicated their professional lives to caring for older adults. If you have questions for our senior care pharmacists or consultants, or if you want to know more about the specialized service that Guardian Pharmacy Atlanta can provide to your seniors, please call (770) 635-3301.

Source:   American Society of Consultant Pharmacists website